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Trident Gear Plates

Airsoft Training Plates


Our original team ‘Task Force Trident’ started out a few years ago as a group of friends playing at our local Airsoft site ‘Airsoft Plantation’ in Essex. 


Most of the team had experience or served in various military organisations over the years and so often opted for a more millsim style of play and loadout in our airsoft kit.


After a few years of playing we decided we wanted to fill our plate carriers, so we looked into purchasing training plates. We found that cheap foam plates didn’t have the quality or feel we wanted but we didn’t want to pay high prices for real or steel plates, so we started researching different materials that would suit our needs.


Eventually, we came across a set of materials that suited our needs. These first iteration of training plates were made from a variety of specialist rubbers which were cut and shaped to resemble armour plates. These 1st gen plates were flat but due to the materials we have selected they were malleable therefore when fitted into a plate carrier curved and molded to the body making them surprisingly more comfortable than real steel multicurve plates. This also meant that maneuverability whilst using these plates was also easier.


​Our 1st gen plates are handmade by our team and the current iteration use either rubber mulch for the lightweight plates or a heavy duty specialist rubber for the heavy plates. The edges of all our plates are wrapped with a heavy duty fabric lining to allow them to slide easily in and out of the plate carriers avoiding wear to the carrier.


We currently offer light weight and heavy weight plates as previously mentioned but we are in the process of developing and soon releasing several new versions detailed below.


Slim Plates – These plates are about half the thickness of our 1st gen plates and weigh in at around 500g depending on the size ordered. The slim plates are aimed at those players that would like to fill their carriers to gain the advantages of a sturdier carrier platform without the added weight of heavier plates and the lack of rigidity in using foam plates.


Foam Plates – Our foam plates are made from a strong durable foam rubber and will initially only come in one size 300mm x 250mm to fit warrior assault systems and other compatible carriers. Other sizes will be added over the months after the initial release. These plates will again be semi rigid but have flex to allow comfort when in use. They are also manufactured with a multicurve design to mimic real steal plates without the weight.


Rigid Hard Plates – We also have a hard rigid multicurve plate being launched in the coming months which will be available in multiple weights, again initially these plates will be available in the 300mm x 250mm size with all other SAPI sizes following shortly after.


​Although we offer several shapes and sizes we can tailor most plates to any size and fit upon request. We are also exploring options to add customized logos, so these can be personally branded to you and your teams.



We continuously look at new materials and manufacturing processes to improve the plates we offer. We are working with several manufacturers to widen our range in the near future and offer greater flexibility.