Team Trident 

Trident Gear started as a group of friends playing Airsoft at our local site. From there the team developed and brought with it load-outs and gear-sets which were tested over the years through military and law enforcement work. While testing all the gear-sets for our airsoft gaming, we found one thing to be missing. With many of us having served in various military and law enforcement organisations we were used to wearing kit consisting of body amour setups including ballistic plates, which we did not have on the Airsoft field despite us all owning various plate carriers. We decided that to complete our load-outs we needed plates. The team decided to develop a number of plate prototypes using a variety of materials until they came across the current designs, which can be tailored to fit any plate carrier with a choice of weights depending on the desired setup.

Trident Gear was then formed to bring these plates to the masses. With cheap foam plates not really standing up to the desired requirements and other imitation plates costing upwards of £100, we saw our plates as the missing link in the chain.

We hope you enjoy the feel of a weighted and filled plate carrier as much as we do.

Trident Gear