Multicurve Rubber Plates

Multicurve Training Plates


Trident Gear Multicurve Training Plates give you even more options when looking for that perfect way to fill out your plate carriers. Wether you want realism with our premium fabric coated realistic hard plates or the more comfortable and practical flexible rubber plates we've got you covered.

All of our Multicurve Plates are mad from composite materials which we have spent the last few years researching and testing to ensure we can bring you the very best training plates for all your sporting and gaming needs. All of our multicurve plate will be available at different weight ranges from light to heavy including the flexible rubber plates.

The first issue of flexible rubber plates will weigh approximatly 1.4kg (Light) and 2.2kg (Heavy) per plate with more weights being added over time.

These plates are all handmade in house by us along with constant development so that we can continue to bring you new options in training plate design.


Below is a quick rundown of our new and future plates coming to our store very soon.


Multicurve Hard Premium

Our Multicurve Hard Premium Plates are constructed from a composite material similar to real* kevlar plates and coated in a similar material all to give you a realistic training plate are a much lower cost than a real steel plate, leaving the real plates for those who need them.

Multicurve Rubber

Our Multicurve Rubber plates give you the support you need in a plate carrier but due to there flexible construction allow for a much more comfortable wearing experience versus a hard plate. These plate have some flex to allow for better movement while wearing reducing those pinch and chin hitting moments.

Medium Hard Plate (Pair).png
Medium Hard Plate (Front) 2.png

Multicurve Hard Standard

Similar to our Premuim Plates the Multicurve Hard Standard plates are made from the same composite materials as the Premium plates but without the fabric coating.